Please send me an email with:

  • either the full document/web content that you wish me to work on, or a sample (1,000 words or so is fine) with details of the expected word count of the finished document and when you hope to provide the full version;
  • the type of service you would like (copy-editing, proofreading or combined copy-editing and proofreading); and
  • when you need the completed version returned.

Though I prefer to work electronically, I am able to work on a paper copy of a document if required. If this is the case, you will still need to email (or call) me so that I can provide my address for you to send the document to me.

If you wish to engage me before you have the document or sample ready, particularly if I have worked with you before, I may be able to provide you with a non-contractual estimate. This would be followed with a quotation when you are able to provide a sample or the full document.

If you have a company style-sheet or brief that you would like me to work to, please also include it in the email. This is to detail any wording preferences (e.g. preferred spellings where there is more than one correct way to spell a word, –ise or –ize word endings, use of word breaks for long words across lines, preferred shortened company name) or style preferences you have. If you have no preference, I will work against the Oxford English Dictionary as a default; I am primarily offering services working in British English, but I have done some work in US English (written by non-native speakers) and Australian English.

I will assess the document/content you have sent to me and email you a quotation for the work, an estimated completion date and my full terms and conditions. If you are happy with my quotation and wish to proceed, you will simply need to email me to accept the quotation and my terms and conditions in writing, and I will then book your project in to my schedule.

Occasionally, I may require a deposit before starting work, but if this is the case I will inform you when I send you my quotation.

Should any exceptional unseen events (personal, family or otherwise) arise after I have scheduled your project, which will impact project completion, I will contact you at the earliest opportunity to discuss a solution. I would ask that you do the same regarding any delays to delivery of the full document/content where you have not provided it up front; any lateness on your part may mean I am unable to meet our agreed delivery date.

When I have completed the project for you, I will send you the completed file(s)/paperwork, an invoice for work completed, and instructions on how and when to pay me.